Bath Bomb Party

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What’s cooler than Bath Bombs? In an hour your guests will will make their own Bath Bomb! We’re talking custom colours, scents, and oils!

  • Ice Breaker Games OR Glitter Tattoos
  • 1 Bath Bomb each
  • DIY Decorative Bath Bomb Box
  • Photos and Music
  • $3/child Consumable Fee to cover Materials Costs

** Recommended for children aged 8 and up, younger children should be accompanied by a parent or older sibling

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Q: Can parents join in on the fun?

A: For sure! Bath Bombs are fun for everyone


Q: How long does the Bath Bomb Craft take?

A: Beginning to end, the craft itself takes about 45 minutes. Children get to take home the Bath Bomb mold to let sit for 24 hours before using! We use the additional 15 minutes to play Ice Breaker Games or apply Glitter Tattoos (“oh you fancy, huh?”)


Q: How many children can do the craft at a time?

A: Depending on the age of children we cap rotations at 6-8 children. This is so kids can have greater access to supplies and facilitator. If you have more children, we can run the craft in two sessions 🙂


Q: How should I set up?

A: Please have tables ready (chairs are optional), if you do not have tables, just let us know and we will bring them!


Q: What ingredients are in the Bath Bombs?

A: We use Corn Starch, Baking Soda, Citric Acid (for fizziness), Epsom Salts, Essential Oils (safe for skin), Grape Seed Oil (moisturizing), Soap Colouring