10 Step Guide For Your Next Sleepover


Let’s make sure your child’s DREAM Sleepover doesn’t result in your NIGHTMARE! Follow our 10 simple guidelines to make the sleepover super fun and a breeze for you.

1. Less is More – Group Size

Think about how much space you have in your home, how many other people live in the house, and what areas you can use for sleeping. The magic number for us is anywhere between 4-6 guests, this allows you to create a special experience for everyone. Get those invites out ASAP. If your child wants to celebrate with a larger group, simply provide a box of cupcakes for the class.. easy peasy.


2. Set Up

Pick a theme and roll with it, then begin planning decor and activities (get some inspo on Pinterest). Great places to shop are Party City, Dollar Tree, Walmart (believe it or not), Michaels (don’t forget to go online to get their coupons), and Amazon. Some recommendations are:

  • Hollywood
  • Glam
  • Fiesta
  • YouTube/Jojo Siwa
  • Top Chef
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Dance


3. Preparing the House

Do a basic clean, because you’ll definitely be doing a big sweep after! Remove things like expensive breakable decor items, alcoholic beverages, and anything else you don’t want on display for the little ones. Choose a designated space for hanging out and sleeping. If you have access to inflatable mattresses, these are a great option – easy to set up and take down. Stock up on essentials (water, favourite snacks etc)


4. The Jumpoff

We suggest asking guests to arrive later in the day, close to dinner time. Have some music playing and snacks prepared; low-key, cool, casual. Be sure to get parents contact information and ask about any details you should be aware of (sleeping patterns, food allergies, medications). Make your guests feel at home, introduce yourself, and show them around.


5. Activities and Entertainment

Depending on the age and interests of your guests you can have a lot of fun with this, crafts are always good as it gives children something to take home and remember the day by. Take lots of pictures and videos, these are moments you’ll want to capture. We assume your guests are a tad older, so they’ll probably want some alone time without adults hovering around them.


6. Dinner Time!

Fun, Simple, and Tasty – that’s all you have to think about. The kids can prepare dinner themselves, like DIY mini pizzas, a Taco Bar, order in Pizza, or local options from UberEats. After dinner, blow out those candles and get ready to check out… your work is almost done.


7. Night Time Activities

Think about the things you liked doing with your friends as a kid.. heck think about the things you STILL like doing with your friends during silly hang out sessions. Popcorn and a movie, Karaoke, simple conversation circle around snacks, face masks, mini makeovers – endless possibilities. Be accessible should they need you, but leave them to their own devices.


8. Bed Time?

It’s up to you whether or not you’re going to enforce a hard bed time, usually children will be out cold by 12:30am, tweens, 2:00am. Just advise them to keep the noise down. It’s a good look to have everyone sleep in one open area like a living room or basement space. If you have extra blankets, air mattresses, and/or a comfy couch, time to whip them out!


9. Good Morning Beautiful

Usually kids will be up quite early despite going to bed late, you can help them by getting a start on breakfast.

At Home Breakfast Ideas:

  • Pancake Bar
  • Smoothies
  • Cinnamon Buns


Our Favourite Restaurants:

  • Cora’s
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Frans


10. Clean Up

Have the basic clean up done by the kids, folding up the comforters, packing up their garbage and dishes, getting dressed and packing their bags. Make the “leaving process” an enjoyable one by having a small ice cream party. You can do it at home, step out and grab some Sundaes from McDonalds, or bring them to an Ice Cream Shop, completely up to you!

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How To Keep Adults At Your Kids Party Entertained

Adult Games

So having adults at your party can be kinda stressful, especially if they’re not a part of your usual crew. The last thing you want is a forced social setting that makes things even more awkward! Here’s our recipe for entertaining parents and other adults who are attending your party:

Clear Communication Beforehand

Getting things off to a productive start is key, RSVPs are necessary. If you’re doing online invitations, you can include an area for multiple RSVPs so you are aware of your numbers. Be clear on the invitation if parents should stick around or if they have the option to simply drop off their little one, if the children are under 6 years of age it’s probably best if their parent remains onsite.

List the types of activities that will be available for both adults and children, just so folks know what to expect. Be sure to include your email address, phone number, parking details etc – the more information, the better.


19+ Section – Dedicated Adult Space

Q: What’s worse than 1 screaming child?

A: 10 screaming children.

If you want to create an enjoyable atmosphere for parents, make sure the children are taken care of. This can be done by booking an entertainer, hiring a babysitter/nanny, or even paying a few responsible teenagers to keep the children occupied. This doesn’t mean that parents and children cannot communicate/participate together, just making things easier for everyone!

Set aside a space for adults with appropriate furniture, and don’t forget the food, very important. A safe bet would be an assortment of finger foods and appetizers:

  • Crackers, Cheese, Grapes
  • Crusty Bread
  • Hummus
  • Fruit/Veggie Platters
  • Deli Meats
  • Olives
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Small Desserts: Cookies, Brownies etc
  • Water (Sparkling and Still)
  • Adult Beverages 😉

You can also have a small platter of what the kids are eating readily available, a little junk never hurt anyone!



You have the option of doing something structured or a little more lax, it really depends on the crowd. Ask yourself:

  • Do any of these parents know each other?
  • What are their interests?
  • How long will the party be?
  • How many parents are staying?
  • How young are the children?
  • What’s my budget?

You can never go wrong with some basic ol’ school games: Jenga, Cards, Dominoes, and other fun Board Games allow guests to easily join no matter what time they arrive or have to leave. It also gets people out of their comfort zones in a ….. comfortable way lol


Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff. Less is more. Play it cool.


Our Updated SLIME Party

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Friends and Non-Gender Conforming Folks, we present to you: All The Craze TV – SLIME Updates

Ok, so if you’ve booked a party with us before, particularly a SLIME party, you’d know that we like to keep our services accessible and cost effective. In the past, our SLIME party had an added Consumable Fee of $2/person, this is what it covered:

  • One mini bottle of Glue, $0.47
  • One Plastic Container, $0.57
  • Loot Bag, Glitter, Essential Oils, Contact Solution Activator, Stickers, Gems, Foam Beads, Baking Soda, Markers, Mixing Bowls, Spoons, $whoknows (it adds up though!)

In efforts to keep costs down for clients, we didn’t have the best materials (they weren’t the worst either). What was happening was some of the SLIMES would separate from the liquid, others would be really thick and barely malleable, which isn’t fun for the kids, especially at a SLIME Party, I mean, come on! So back to the drawing board we went, looking for options that delivered the quality clients deserved, and guess what? We figured it all out. Peep this:

  • No more cheap glue, Elmers all the way, huge price variance but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
  • Updated jars, we’re talking classy, we’re talking sassy
  • Higher end decorations, no more of these foam stickers, we’re gonna give people something to talk about
  • No more white glue for decor, Glue Guns all the way (facilitator will handle hot glue for younger children)
  • Smaller group sizes (check out our last post about Quality vs. Quantity)

Now… the question you all have in mind, “how much will this update run me?”, well, our package include enough supplies for 6 children, additional supplies are $1/child. It adds up, we know.. but with this craft you eliminate the need for loot bags. If it’s still too much, we encourage you to look at our other services or contact us directly for some recommendations. We’re still under a year old and growing so quickly, we want to make sure we never lose sight of what really matters: children’s satisfaction.

Thanks for reading, we hope to get SLIMEY with you very soon 😉

Quality Vs. Quantity – Implementation of Our NEW Ratio Policies

Smart kid 1a

Let’s start with a short story, shall we?

So last weekend we had a pretty huge party, picture it:

  • Two parties in ONE event venue (two separate rooms)
  • 45 children (20 little guys in one room, and 25 kids aged 9-10 in the other)
  • Bath Bombs
  • Interactive Dance
  • 3 Staff


There was no amount of planning that could’ve prepared us for the chaos that ensued. Now the party was an overall success, however it could’ve been way better had we stepped back and been a little tighter on the guidelines. So here’s what happened, followed by what should’ve happened.

What Happened:

  • Kids trickled in steadily, and instantly wanted to get started on their SLIME craft, which was not a problem until we were bombarded by 25 kids at 2 tables
  • We had planned to run activities in a rotation of smaller groups, but they wanted to get started with entertainment right away
  • Kids were getting frustrated because they couldn’t access the supplies, there wasn’t enough space, and facilitators were running around like chickens with their heads cut off – not the kind of service we pride ourselves on
  • The area was a complete disaster by the end, everyone finished at different times, some kids were bored wanting to move onto the next activity, others were in the midst of decorating their jars, and the latecomers didn’t even have the chance to complete the craft 😦
  • We shuffled the kids from the SLIME craft into the dancing, where they were all covered in SLIME, sticky hands and everything
  • While they were dancing with our instructor, the other two facilitators set up for the bath bomb craft, this time around there would be 6 kids at each table, no less no more (or so we thought)!
  • Welp, that didn’t quite pan out. It was nearing the end of the party, many of the kids wanted to make their bath bombs because it was time to go home soon. Despite our efforts to keep everything under control at the craft station AND ensure the other children were engaged, kids still rushed to the working area and went ahead with their Bath Bomb craft anyways – completely out of control
  • By the time everyone left, the area was a MESS (now you expect some level of mess when dealing with children and crafts, but this, this was like Armageddon). The craft supplies were ruined, lids missing, stickers wet, glue poured out.. we had to stay back an extra hour just to clean

What Should’ve Happened:

  • Activities planned for kids as they came in, a 10 minute buffer time to allow for stragglers before the entertainment and crafts began. When parents and children ask to begin the crafts, let them know we will start shortly once most children have arrived
  • Once most children were present, quickly split them into groups for their rotations, explain how we are going to work the day, and answer any questions they may have
  • Complete the SLIME and Bath Bomb Craft with no more than 8 children in each group – supplies would be accessible and facilitator would be able to assist each child as needed. 5 minute heads up before the next rotation, children and facilitator would clean the area for the next group
  • Since children will be going to dance AFTER doing the SLIME, the Dance Instructor would take the group to the washroom to wash their hands before beginning
  • Children would be a part of the clean up, and encouraged to put the craft supplies back into the containers as well as dispose of any garbage from their craft
  • Staff would still do the sweeping and larger clean up at the end


Although the party was stressful for staff, the kids still had a good time (for the most part), and got some really good photos. EVERYTHING is a learning experience and we tailor our services based on feedback from parents and staff. Always forward, forward always. Quality means so much to us, and we don’t want parents and children feeling like they’re being “shuffled through”.. I mean birthdays happen once a year and should be a positive and memorable experience for everyone, right?

Now introducing our new Ratio Policies for Crafts (drumroll please):

  • For children over the age of 8 our ratios are 1:8
  • For children under 7 ratios are 1:4

Absolutely no exceptions, party planning can be stressful, so if this timing/group size doesn’t work for you, we have plenty of other options to choose from. Check out our other services here

“What does this mean for larger parties?”, you ask. Simple, the craft station can still serve multiple participants, however we will be grouping them in manageable chunks. As the parent/party planner, you can opt to have other activities happening (nothing crazy, maybe some colouring pages, word searches) OR you can book another entertainer for Active Games, another Craft, Balloons, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos etc.

We’ve got the best interest of the client in mind here, Quality > Quantity


Less Is More – Why Small Parties Are ALWAYS A Great Option

There really is nothing like going “all out” for your kids birthday – large venue, tons of kids, entertainment, the whole shebang, but let’s talk quality vs. quantity here. We’re not saying that you can’t throw a banging party with tons of guests… it’s just REALLY hard. Smaller intimate parties take a load off of you, allow guests to spend quality time together, and experience meaningful interactions.


All The Reasons why 10 and under is a Good Number:

  • Less Kids = Less Mess = Less Stress
  • Strategic Budgeting, more bang for your buck
  • Minimal Stress and Planning
  • Ability to meet other parents – have parents join you for coffee/tea in kitchen while the kids do their thing!
  • Creating memories with close friends
  • Simple entertainment/programming (less differing interests to work with)


Ideas For Small Parties:

  • Pyjama Party/Sleepover
  • Dinner and a Movie (at home or in theatres)
  • Laser Tag
  • Skyzone
  • Mall Scavenger Hunt
  • Craft Parties (Bath Bombs, SLIME, Candle Making, Paint Nite)
  • Yoga, Fitness, or Dance Class
  • Double Trouble – Parents Upstairs, Kids Downstairs
  • High Tea – Children’s Edition
  • Photoshoot
  • Top Chef Cook off
  • Indoor/Outdoor Camping
  • BBQ
  • Cake Decorating
  • Spa Party
  • Ceramic Painting
  • Paint Nite

If you’re worried about folks feeling left out, you can plan a family dinner at a restaurant (less work for you!), and maybe bring a treat for the class, something easy like nut-free cupcakes or freezies if it’s warm out. Remember, this day is about the BIRTHDAY GIRL/BOY, think about what would make them happy and the activities they enjoy!

Peace out!


Help! I’m Planning a Princess Party!

Princess Party

Congratulations, you’re planning a Princess Party! There are really so many options and if you haven’t already been all over Pinterest, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk Invitations, Venue, Decor, Activities and Entertainment.


We recommend online invitations, whether you keep track of invites and RSVPs using a website like Punchbowl or use simple email/text invitations, paperless is the way to go. There are plenty of cute designs on Canva as well. Take some time out to create the perfect invitation, be sure that you are working on a FREE template, some of their designs have a cost attached. It’s always best to have the invitations sent out at least 3-4 weeks before your party, if your invitations aren’t yet prepared, simply send out a “save the date” in the meantime.

As far as inviting boys goes, this is completely up to you. Boys can enjoy a Princess too, it’s all in the delivery, you can stick with the theme of “Princess Party” or have a “Royal Party” for everyone. If you’re booking a party with us, just let us know how many boys will be present so we can pack a suitable craft for them, unless a tiara is their thing.. we can make that work too 🙂



Because you have so many amazing Decor options, venue is totally flexible and can be transformed in a matter of moments with the right pieces. A room with clean walls, floors, tables and chairs will be just fine. Depending on the amount of children you are inviting, you can go with a smaller or larger space. If the children are preschool aged, it’s better to have access to the smaller child-sized furniture. Other things to think about in general are location, ease of parking, cost, customer service, and accessibility.



We’re going to try to sum this up nice and quick, plus there are so many resources right at your fingertips. First, think about your budget and how much you’d like to spend. If you’re staying on the conservative side, go with basic plastic tablecloths, and focus your energy on a really fancy snack table – this is where you will put the refreshments, cake, and maybe a cute photo of the Birthday Girl/Boy. Gussy it up with some confetti, balloons, gems and pearls, and even a cute cake stand. We live by these sequin Table Runners from Amazon, you can pair them with a cloth or plastic table cover and instantly, your space goes “Va-Voom”

Princess TableImage from Pinterest

Other Decor Add-Ons:

  • Red Carpet
  • Photobooth Backdrop
  • Themed Balloons
  • Tea Party Station


Activities and Entertainment

At our Perfect Princess Party we begin with a DIY Tiara Craft as the children get Glitter Tattoos, then we do some fun Freeze Dance and Games, finishing with photos and cake cutting. Also consider small treasure boxes, colouring sheets, a runway show, tea party, sing along, or a photoshoot. With younger children, encourage parents to get involved.. you don’t have to get dressed up (.. I mean if you want to.. by all means), however you can enjoy the experience and get some really good photos.

You can make it optional for girls to wear princess dresses, also let parents know that other formal dresses are welcomed, if children still don’t have anything to wear, think about a Princess Themed Pyjama Party. Sometimes it’s difficult to find Princess costumes if it’s not Halloween season. For selection year-round try Amazon, great options and reasonable prices.

Don’t forget about themed music, create a playlist of your child’s favourite upbeat music, also feel free to reference movie soundtracks for good ideas.



Well there you have it, some suggestions for your Princess Party. Don’t forget to take pics 🙂

ATCTV signing OUT!

Keeping Kids Entertained During Your Party

Bored kids

We’ve all been there before, the absolute worst thing you can hear come out of a child’s mouth at a Birthday Party is, “I’m bored..”, but there are ways around this! Simple, cost-effective things you can do ahead of time to keep everyone happy, including the parents and adults.

Timing of your party

Please don’t feel compelled to host a party that is several hours long. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with a simple 2 hour party, get everyone in, having fun, and then out before you know it. If you’ve read some of our other posts, you’d know that we’re fans of “short and sweet” when it comes to parties.

You can let guests know the timing of entertainment in advance on the invitations, then you have the option of “light entertainment” in the before/after time – this is what we will be discussing right here, right now! Let’s do this.


Before Your Scheduled Entertainment 

Music is a MUST, an absolute non-negotiable “must”. You can pick a playlist ahead of time or tune into our choices on Spotify (just search “All The Craze TV” and our party playlist will come up).

Table Activities can include board games, cards, colouring sheets & crayons, people bingo (to encourage folks to mingle), and small art projects (you can get everything from your local dollar store)

Food can include small appetizers, nothing crazy. You can stick with the good ol’ chips, dips, and party mix OR provide some healthier fruit and veggie options, totally up to you.

During Your Scheduled Entertainment 

This is the time when adults can relax, catch up, and also get some really good pics of their children participating. We’ve been to parties where adults schedule their own “fun time” during the kids activities – if you have a friend who is really outgoing you can ask them to host some small activities and competitions or book one of our staff to manage the adults. Here are some simple Minute to Win It challenges that will get adults out of their seats and having a blast.


  • Encourage children to participate
  • Assist with younger children if needed
  • Snap some pictures (don’t forget to tag us @allthecrazeparties)
  • Use this time to prepare the cake and dessert table


  • Sweat the small stuff, as long as the kids are smiling and laughing, everything is good
  • Schedule too many things for the same timing. Calm. Cool. Collected = SUCCESS


After The Entertainment

You’ve made it this far… we’re in the homestretch! Whip out that Birthday Cake and let’s get down to business. Assign a friend or family member to help with cutting/distributing the cake and announce your “thank you’s” while you’ve got everyones attention. It’s now time to celebrate… you did it!

As for the clean up, let’s hope you have some dedicated folks who will assist in a speedy process, our favourite is to make a game out of cleaning. Get the kids to see who can pick up the most plates and put them in the garbage, or who can bring the most chairs over to the wall one at a time – be creative.

Until next time!


SLIME? Say What?

ATC Slime 4

Ok, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year or so, there’s been a huge craze around SLIME. We’re talking Coloured Slime, Fluffy Slime, Clear Slime, Slime with Beads, Glitter Slime, and even Edible Slime (gross). Anyhoo, let’s dive a little deeper into this Ooey Gooey subject of the day:

Where it all began..

Slime was a toy product manufactured by Mattel, sold in a plastic trash can and introduced in February 1976. It was made known by Nickelodeon in You Can’t Do That on Television or YCDTOTV. It consisted of a non-toxic viscous, squishy and oozy green or other color material made primarily from guar gum. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slime_(toy))


There are SO MANY recipes online, really too much to count, but most good recipes include Glue (white or clear), Baking Soda, and some type of activator: Borax, Soap, or Contact Solution. Here at All The Craze TV, we prefer using Contact Solution as our activator, it’s quick, easy, and difficult to mess up.

Hosting a SLIME Party

Now before you jump to the conclusion that SLIME parties are entirely too messy, please continue reading! We maintain a clean working area by using tablecloths and/or drop sheets (simply roll up the mess). Typically we do this party standing at tables, however we have done the craft on the floor (not the best results in terms of ease of movement).

If you decide to book a SLIME party with us, we can provide the tables or bring tablecloths for the tables that you have. All in all, the craft takes about 30 minutes to complete, it includes a DIY decorative jar and bag to store the SLIME. We like to have no more than 12 children at a time doing the craft, so if you have a large party we can do 2 30 minute sessions OR have 2 staff on site so things don’t get crazy. We usually begin this party with some light interactive games so the facilitator gets to know the kids, and end with fun SLIME photos and more games (time permitting).

Benefits of a SLIME Party

  • It’s sure to be a memorable experience for all kids (I mean.. how many SLIME parties have you been to?)
  • You’ll get great photos
  • No Loot Bags, the “take home” is the SLIME
  • Adults can participate too!

Still not convinced? Just mention the idea of a SLIME party to any child, they’ll vouch for us.. guaranteed

Our Guide To The “Perfect” Preschooler Party

Preschoolers are up there with teens when it comes to the level of difficulty in planning a successful party. So take a deep breath, do not fret, you got this!

Preschool Pic


Morning parties work, trust us, they do! Nothing too early. We’re talking a 10am start time, everybody out by 11:30am/12pm latest. Sometimes it’s tough to get rid of guests (is that a bad thing to say?), but midday calls for lunch, naps, and other priorities that will get guests on their merry way. Consider hosting your party at your home, a party room, community centre, or even an outdoor picnic (weather permitting).


The “at-home” option is always a good one, everything you need is on site (diapers, bottles, kitchen access etc), however this may mean more work for you – setting up, cleaning etc. If you get a party room; quick set up and take down, in and out, bada-bing, bada-boom. PS having a friend, family member, or even a teenager to help coordinate is a good look. If you’re doing something big (we’re talking banquet hall big), you might want to consider hiring an event coordinator.



How many is too many? Especially when it comes to such young children in one space? Consider the layout and details of your party and plan accordingly, smaller areas make for a smaller crowd. Ensure parents know what’s going on, entertainment, and expectations. If you’re booking something like a craft or games, best results call for parental involvement.



Keep. It. Simple. Balloon Animals, Glitter Tattoos, and Circle Games/Songs/Dance. Face Painting is a “maybe”, depending on the ages of any other children – ask yourself, “can the kids stay still for Face Painting?” Crafts can get a little messy, consider colouring sheets or cut and paste crafts to offer at a craft table (hello Dollarama?)


Don’t forget to take pictures! Cute, funny pictures.. you know, the kind you can use to embarrass them when they bring home their first boyfriend/girlfriend..

Booking A Party Entertainer – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Frustrated Mom

Adding an Entertainer to the agenda for your party should liven things up, give guests something to look forward to, and take a little pressure off of the party planner. It shouldn’t be a difficult, time consuming, or confusing process. Here’s what to look for:

Clear, Concise Communication

  • Whether it’s email, phone calls, or text messages – communication should be simple, straight to the point, and leave you feeling at ease. There’s nothing wrong with ongoing communication, check ins, and follow ups! If the person is warm, knowledgeable, honest, and consistent, you’re in good hands.
  • Booking Forms help make the process easier!

Services that cater to the INTERESTS of your Guests

  • When looking for services, think about your guests and what will keep them entertained. Be sure that the activities are age-appropriate (which can be difficult when you’ve got a huge age range).
  • For ALL ages: Balloon Animals, Glitter Tattoos, and Face Painting are great options
  • For School Aged Children (5-10yrs): Typically, anything will fly! These kids like to participate and can follow basic instructions, your best bet is to ask your child for input.
  • For Tweens: These guys can be tough, parents often struggle. Are they too old for an entertainer but too young for an unstructured party? Your best bet here is to go with something short and sweet, max 1 hour. SLIME, Bath Bombs, Hip Hop Dance, and Active Game/Challenges are all amazing choices. Encourage kids to take photos/videos to document their experience – I mean, that’s what tweens do anyways!


  • Try to have an idea of this BEFORE contacting your entertainment. You can expect to be “up-sold”, but stick to your budget! Call around, get quotes, look at reviews, carve out some time to do basic research. Email communication will help you stay organized and keep record or your conversations.
  • Ask about additional/hidden fees. Are they charging tax? Is there a travel fee? How about a consumable fee for crafts? Deposits? These are all questions you should ask.
  • Entertainment isn’t cheap.. especially good entertainment, so be careful where you try to cut corners.
  • To get the most “bang for your buck”, consider Balloon Animals (they’re very quick at just 1 minute each) and Glitter Tattoos as opposed to Face Painting if you’re expecting large numbers (to get through more children in less time).


  • Can you freely adjust your booking? Some places “yes”, some places “no”, and that’s fine, as long as you know beforehand.
  • Ask for a contract or email confirmation, if you pay a deposit, request an invoice stating your updated balance.
  • It’s always good to provide feedback after your event, good or bad, entertainers like to know this stuff to adjust services. You can fill out a Feedback Form or leave a Google Review


Look at pictures, speak with company representatives on the phone, trust your gut! Good luck little duck!