Hip Hop Dance Party

Hip Hop Dance Party Web Header

This 60 Minute Session is perfect for dancers and non-dancers alike. We prepare beginner Hip Hop choreography to a song of your choice, and rock the house with a final performance for friends and family.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Warm ups and Stretches
  • Fun Interactive Dances (to get everyone out of their shells and in their “Silly Place”)
  • Unique Choreography to your favourite song
  • Performance and Photos
  • Dance Games and Freestyle Session



Q: I have a mix of boys and girls, can we do something inclusive for everyone?

A: Yes, we can prepare appropriate choreography everyone will enjoy!


Q: How should I prepare the guests beforehand?

A: You can let all of the children know that they will be moving around and to wear something comfortable or bring a change of clothes/shoes. It’s also helpful to have water bottles on site and to do the dancing BEFORE the eating (nom nom)


Q: How much space do you need?

A: We need enough space for children to be able to move around without getting in the way of one another. Typically a party room, basement, or cleared living room in adequate


Q: Can we take pictures during the lesson?

A: YES!!