Perfect Princess Party

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A party perfect for your Little Princess! In one hour, our Princess will bring magic to your special day.

  • Our Princess at YOUR party
  • DIY Tiara Craft
  • Glitter Tattoos for your Guests (suitable stencils for girls AND boys)
  • Freeze Dance
  • Photos and Cake Cutting

** Craft for 10 children, additional participants are $2 each (for craft supplies and materials)


ATC Princess


10 Minutes – Meet and Greet with Guests, Craft set up

30 Minutes – Craft and Glitter Tattoos (Glitter Tattoos take 2-3 minutes per child)

10 Minutes – Princess Fun and Games (Freeze Dance and “Princess Says”)

10 Minutes – Photos and Cake Cutting (Princess to guide children while adults take photos, Princess to sing Happy Birthday with the group and cut cake with Birthday Girl/Boy)



Q: What do I need to provide for the Princess?

A: Just a table with 2 chairs (for the Glitter Tattoos) and an area for the children to complete their Tiara/Mask Craft (can be at a table or on the floor)

Q: I’m expecting a large amount of guests, can you still fit activities into one hour?

A: We can re-work the package to include certain activities OR we can extend the time of the party, your call!


Q: Some boys will be at the party, is there an alternative craft?

A: Yes, we will bring Prince masks for the boys, just let us know ahead of time!